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Win the US Powerball Jackpot









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Lines: 50
Shares: 1
Draws: 1


  1. 101330364520
  2. 32384450608
  3. 91625345121
  4. 93353546811
  5. 13333441691
  6. 12627476217
  7. 20212331398
  8. 113439505221
  9. 93234526825
  10. 13171851562
  11. 324349596416
  12. 62025404223
  13. 72931456122
  14. 15313943468
  15. 293739476021
  16. 1243438434
  17. 1616325323
  18. 5263133626
  19. 52031366623
  20. 2243564685
  21. 81516286425
  22. 161855616520
  23. 101319314025
  24. 4122954677
  25. 11193257659
  1. 184856606125
  2. 891314356
  3. 3917276810
  4. 43233356711
  5. 14293941667
  6. 71114545916
  7. 5720586611
  8. 61525435614
  9. 81216404719
  10. 73741546626
  11. 461128656
  12. 112728425022
  13. 21036435910
  14. 8162253559
  15. 12256364666
  16. 202439516426
  17. 10142834435
  18. 22425425918
  19. 10153354638
  20. 151733476926
  21. 52733365714
  22. 12130396212
  23. 112325526026
  24. 10243342597
  25. 1213416424
The Powerball Lotto's logo depicts white and red balls. An additional bonus ball known as the Powerball gives the lottery its name.

The Powerball Lotto started in 1988 under its original name of Lotto America. The name was changed to Powerball in April 1992 and since then the lottery has given out more than $5 billion dollars in first prizes to over 176 jackpot winners. 
The Powerball Lotto was the first to introduce the now much-copied two-container system. Powerball contain an original offer in its PowerPlay feature. Introduced in March 2001, PowerPlay allows players to increase non-Jackpot prizes according to a fixed prize category list. For instance, the $1 million prize is always $2 million and the $10,000 prize always
 quadruples to $40,000. 
The US based Powerball has been a firm favorite with players for over 20 years. It has created millionaires across the world and changed lives one draw at a time. 

The Powerball is run in 47 US states, including Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia and the U.S Virgin Islands. Each draw starts at $40 million, with jackpots potentially reaching half a billion dollars with multiple rollovers. If you're still catching your breath over that figure, consider that the company intends to create a $1 Billion win by 2022.

How to play the Powerball
Featuring 9 prize divisions, players can choose 5 numbers between 1 and 59, with an additional number known as the Powerball selected from a separate pool of 1-35. Playing the Powerball gives you so many more chances to win, because if you match 5 numbers, excluding the Powerball, you will automatically take home a bigger payout. Matching the Powerball number, along with a few of the others, gives you access to various prize categories. 
How to play Powerball with LottoNCrowd
Create an account with us and select your numbers manually or by quick pick. All game plays are 100% insured by a reputable internationally licensed and insured company so you are guaranteed a safe environment to play at leisure. If you win, we will notify you by email or text message, before transferring the funds into your account. 
Powerball draws
The Powerball runs twice every week, on a Wednesday and Saturday night at 10:59 p.m. Eastern Time. As the location of the first Powerball draw back in 1992, 
Studios at WES Des Moines in Iowa televised the first Powerball draw in 1992. They still make the draw there almost every week. A few times a year the draw is made from a remote location.

Powerball results
Many analysts have investigated the frequency of Powerball numbers, trying to give players an edge. The number 26 has popped up 262 times: more than any other number. Followed by 41, 35 and 22, each drawn 250 times. The least likely to be drawn were 56, 57 and 58. Powerball numbers 20, 29 and 6, came out most often, each showing up over 70 times in the past few years. 
How to win Powerball
Consider our Powerball ‘Group Purchase’ option. Here, you can join a pool of players, and share in any prize money. If you prefer to fly solo you could increase the number of tickets you buy to cover more combinations, as well as getting discounts on future ticket prices.
Powerball Winners
The Powerball has produced a lot of millionaires. Powerball reached with an amazing jackpot of $1.586 BILLION in January 2016! The before largest jackpots (annuity and cash values) in the game's history were during the November 28, 2012 draw. Jackpot Type- Jackpot paid in 29 annual installments (tax rate of 36.00%) or in lump sum (tax rate of approximately 50%). The jackpot was USD587,500,000 annuity, or USD384,700,000 cash value. The most famous is the largest ever jackpot winner, 84 year old Gloria Mackenzie who collected $590.5 million in May 2013. In November of the previous year three people shared $587.5 million. 

A heart-warming story surrounded the $448.4 million won in August 2013. Split between 3 groups of winners, the most deserving of this crowd were 16 people—dubbed 'Ocean's 16' because they worked for the Ocean County vehicle maintenance facility—who pooled their tickets after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina. The group split $86 million, or one-third of the jackpot's cash option value.

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